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69 LEVEL was found in 2009, after 3 months we opened our online piercing store in order that our clients can buy piercing jewelry from home. All our products are high quality, we carefully select suppliers and look forwar to be the biggest online piercing store in Russia and CIS. There is a wide choice of plugs, spirals, navel rings, eyebrow rings, nose studs and other jewelries for navel and ear piercing.

Nowadays it's hard to imagine creation and development of modern look of subculture representatives without piercing and tattoos. What is more, that's particularly interesting, particularly piercing became the most popular, not only among so-called geeks, but also among people who are far from informal subcultures. Jewelry for piercing can tell a lot about its owner by pictures, design elements, symbols. The word "piercing" means the process and the result at the same time. In practice, piercing is one of the forms of body modification.

According to psychologists, there are lots of reasons to get a piercing. It might be religious or mental reason or need for self-expression, any aesthetic values, wish to make sexual life brighter, show an affiliation with culture or voice protest. In spite of wide spread of piercing and possibility to buy it anywhere in the world, there are several debatable types of piercing. Religious communities, educational facilities and some employers forbid or limit wearing piercing. This is due to the fact that piercing jewelries are often perceived as deviant or dangerous form of asocial behavior and therefore disturbs confidence of customers, clients and superiors.

There are several types of extreme piercing. For example, there are some people with hundreds and even thousands of temporary and permanent piercings among record breakers from "Guinness Book of World Records". It is interesting to note that it needs lots of money to buy jewelries for hundreds of piercings, that's why record breakers are like walking showpieces. The most important thing of current practice is the compliance with the procedure safety requirements. For instance, a place where you can buy piercing jewelries - store or tattoo workshop - should be specially equipped and specialists should use only single-use utilizable instruments. Anyone who wants to get a piercing and wear a jewelry should understand that piercing is an invasive procedure and it is associated with danger: potential allergies, infections, scars and seams, potential unexpected body responses. However there is nothing special to be afraid if you buy piercing jewelry in specialized salespoints and know modern precautionary and sanitary measures. It allows to reduce the risk of negative implications. Besides that, careful treatment after piercing allows to avoid different troubles connected to infection. It is important to remember, that recovery period depends on location, for example, complete healing of navel sometimes takes up to 1.5 years, duration of complete healing of genital piercing is less than a month. 

According to modern image makers, beautiful piercing jewelries can accent the uniqueness of any look and significantly affect general makeup. It should not be forgotten that uniqueness of every person is his/her individuality and special characteristics of soul, but not any piercing or pictures, which can be just an addition and never can substitute the human beings. Piercing is for the bravehearts who are not afraid to experiment with their appearance.


Georgy Reznichenko
Georgy Reznichenko Founder of a store
Natalia Reznichenko
Natalia Reznichenko Founder of a store
Igor Krotov
Igor Krotov Administrator
Anya Babicheva
Anya Babicheva Manager
Polina Filatova
Polina Filatova Photographer
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