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There are a lot of jewelry in «69 LEVEL» for people with unique worldview, modern fashionists and people of different subcultures. We have stylish accessories for metalists, bikers, punks, hipsters, fantasy and comics fans, for gothic and ethnic lovers. All of these jewelry are out of the box and it's hard to find them in usual stores.

SS316L BAMBOO CLICKER FOR CONCH 316L Steel Ring 10.00 $ (item)
SS316L CONCH CLICKER SET W. Premium Zirconia 316L Steel Ring 16.00 $ (item)
Figured Brass Earrings w/ Stone Brass Earrings 56.00 $ (pair)
Figured Brass Earrings Open Leaf Brass Earrings 36.00 $ (pair)
Figured Brass Earrings Brass Earrings 60.00 $ (pair)
Figured Brass Earrings Spirals Brass Earrings 42.00 $ (pair)
Figured Brass white Earrings Brass Earrings 30.00 $ (pair)
Figured Brass Earrings Brass Earrings 21.00 $ (pair)

Wide range of choice

In «69 LEVEL» store you can order any type of jewelry. The greatest deal of choice of earrings for usual piercing in lap and with additional rim of ear bracing (Ear Cuffs). Also we have bracelets, rings, necklaces, chains, buckles and a host of other things, including stickers.

What materials is this made of?

  • classical - silver, brass and bronze;
  • modern - titanium, surgical steel, wolframite;
  • natal - leather, corals, horn, wood, mother-of-pearl, bone;
  • colourful - stone, ceramics and glass;
  • artificial - silicone, acryl, tar, nylon.

The «69 LEVEL» store with shipping all over the world

In our store you can buy original, top-quality, not very expensive jewelry and get it by suitable way. Our clients pay using payment terminals, in post offices, in phone shops and online. The «69 LEVEL» store help to make your look unique without undue effort and cash expenses.

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