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The «69 LEVEL» store offers the broadest list of unisex bracelets. There are jewelry for bikers, punks, hipsters in the range, casual, military, boho or rastafarian jewelry. We sell bangle bracelets, straps-formed, wicker, made of arms and strings. Find your ideal accompaniment to perfect look.

White Leather Hexa & Square Multi Studs Bracelet with Adjustable Snap Closure Leather Bracelete 7.33$ (item) 12.21 $
Gold PVD Over 316L Surgical Steel Bracelet 316L Steel Bracelet 9.52$ (item) 15.87 $
316L Surgical Steel Bracelet Gold PVD 316L Steel Bracelet 4.09$ (item) 6.82 $
Colored Leather Bracelete w/ Steel Clasp Leather Bracelete 2.87$ (item) 4.78 $
Colored Leather Bracelete w/ Steel Pendants Leather Bracelete 3.40$ (item) 5.66 $
316L Surgical Steel Bracelet w/ Gold IP Part Front 316L Steel Bracelet 8.77$ (item) 14.61 $
Figured 316L Surgical Steel Bracelet w/ Cross Pendants 316L Steel Bracelet 7.96$ (item) 13.27 $
Steel Inlay Front Leather Bracelete Leather Bracelete 6.17$ (item) 10.29 $
Colored 316L Surgical Steel Bracelet 316L Steel Bracelet 6.79$ (item) 11.31 $
Colored Faux Leather Bracelete w/  Chaines Faux Leather Bracelete 5.62$ (item) 9.37 $
Big Steel Parts Front Colored Leather Bracelete Leather Bracelete 5.12$ (item) 8.54 $
Colored Leather Bracelete Steel Parts Front Leather Bracelete 5.62$ (item) 9.37 $
Black Wide Leather Bracelete Spiked Front Leather Bracelete 8.33$ (item) 13.89 $
Colored Leather Multi Bracelete w/ Butterfly Pendant Leather Bracelete 3.21$ (item) 5.35 $

Different kinds of bracelets

«69 LEVEL» offers bracelets of different sizes, start with the thinnest chains (2,5 mm) to broad rings and ruffles (21-36 mm). It can be locked by buckle, spring ring clasp, swiveling hook, eyelets or just tied.

It depends on materials of production. 

The most popular bracelets which are made of:

  • bone (especially snake spine bone);
  • titanium, steel, wolframite, ceramics (look ultramodern);
  • nylon ropes (of different colors);
  • leather (with rivetings, pins and lettering);
  • brass(with engraving or carving);
  • wood (ring-shaped).

It's easy to order in «69 LEVEL» store

Thanks to «69 LEVEL» store it's very easy to buy cheap bracelets in Moscow now. All of our prices are affordable and we are able to ship orders to all russian cities and world. There is a stocking system and under its terms your descount grows depending order quantity. Buy quality jewelry profitably on «69 LEVEL» website!

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