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SS316L HEART SHAPED CLICKER HOOPS 20MM 316L Steel Earings 6.25$ (item) 12.50 $
Brass Earrings For Tunnels w/ Оpilite Brass Earrings For Tunnels 25.00$ (item) 50.00 $
Tribal Brass Ear Weight Stone Brass Earrings For Tunnels 29.15$ (item) 58.29 $
Tribal Stone Ear Weight Tribal Stone Ear Weight 6.00$ (item) 12.00 $
Red Stone Ear Weights From 12mm Stone Ear Weights 6.00$ (item) 12.00 $
Tribal Opalite Stone Ear Weight Tribal Stone Ear Weight 6.00$ (item) 12.00 $
Figured 316L Surgical Steel Fake Hangers 316L Steel Fake Hanger 2.10$ (item) 4.20 $
Cross Cut Out Two Tone Fake Plug 316L Surgical Steel 316L Steel Faux Plug 1.50$ (item) 3.00 $
316L Surgical Steel Fake Earring Plug Scissors Infront 316L Steel Faux Plug 2.00$ (item) 4.00 $
316L Surgical Steel Ion Plated Fake Taper with O-Rings 316L Steel Faux Taper 2.00$ (item) 4.00 $
Titanium IP Over 316L Surgical Steel Fake Plug with Black Rubber Rings 316L Steel Faux Plug 1.00$ (item) 2.00 $
316L Surgical Steel Fake Earring with Gem Infront 316L Steel Fake Earring 1.50$ (item) 3.00 $
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